A History of Humanity During the Twenty-First Century

6" x 9" Trade Paperback, 658 pp. including maps and timelines, illustrations, bibliography, and index, ISBN 978-1312-79810-6, Released 18 March 2023

This is the story of the Twenty-First Century, the most violent in Earth's history, when Humanity grew through tragedy and triumph from a fractured state of regional and ideological warfare to the cusp of a planetary unity which would soon witness our taking lead in creating the first interstellar community of star faring species founded not on subjugation and domination, but rather on amity and cooperation - the United Federation of Planets.

This exercise in Future History is an attempt to apply the Historical Method to a wide and complex variety of sources comprising a multimedia science-fictional franchise by constructing a cohesive in-universe historical narrative. It owes its existence to the contributions of a myriad of individuals over almost six decades. More information on both the sources and methodology will appear in a forthcoming supplementary volume.

This book has not been approved, licensed, or sponsored by any entity or person involved in creating the STAR TREK TV series, films, or books.

(Note: An unexpected and frankly illogical way that Lulu assigns "publication dates" resulted in this book supposedly appearing in 2021. That is incorrect. The correct date of publication is as above.)

Download a draft version of a demographic statement which will appear in the forthcoming supplementary volume.